MARS Starter Edition 5.7

MARS Starter Edition 5.7: Schedule Access Queries & Reports . Multiple formats & destinations. The Starter Edition of the award-winning MS Access Scheduler, MARS, from ChristianSteven. Schedule single or batches of Access reports and queries. Export to pdf, html, xls, doc, txt & rtf. Deliver via email (SMTP & Exchange), printer, disk folders or by fax. Reliable, intuitive and great value for money. Works with Access 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Includes 12 months updates and support.

Fight For Mars 2.0: Enemy Alien forces want to take over the Mars to control our solar system!
Fight For Mars 2.0

Enemy Alien forces want to take over the Mars to control our solar system. You just can not let that happen. You will have to fly your space craft with great skills and shoot ultra fast to kill all the enemy forces.There is so many of them that you just wont have time to rest and get your finger of the trigger. This super space shooting game is for free and it is waiting for you to start some action!

free shooting games, arcade games, fight for mars

Mars Lander 1.4.1: Land the spaceship safely on Mars.
Mars Lander 1.4.1

In this game you need to control a spaceship and land it on a designated spot on Mars. Use the arrow keys to turn on engines from different directions to control the spaceship. There are limited fuel so you can only use the engines for a limited number of times. When landing, make sure that the speed of the spaceship is not too high otherwise it will crash.

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Mars Soldiers-7 4.0: Original turn based strategy game.
Mars Soldiers-7 4.0

Mars Soldiers-7 is original turn based strategy game. Lead your army and capture local areas. Fight in local battles controlling each of soldiers. Use special features of super soldiers: Heroes.

turn based, strategy, step by step

DP Multicrypt 2.0: Cipher tool for highly secure your files with the full keysize from the cipher
DP Multicrypt 2.0

Mars, RC4, Twofish, RC6, Rijndael with the full keysize from this cipher and the CBC-MODE. DP-Multicrypt crypt with the full keysize from this crypter: Blowfish cipher use 448 bit keysize Rijndael cipher use 256 bit keysize Twofish cipher use 256 bit keysize RC6 cipher use 2048 bit keysize RC4 cipher use 2048 bit keysize RC2 cipher use 1024 bit keysize Mars cipher use 1248 bit keysize IDEA cipher use 128 bit keysize CAST256 cipher use 256 bit keysize

3des, blowfish, misty1, ice2, cast128, gost, cbc mode, mars, cast256, twofish, idea, rijndael, thin ice

FTP Client Engine for C/C++ 3.3: Connect to any FTP server from within your C/C++ application.
FTP Client Engine for C/C++ 3.3

FTP component library for C/C++ and for (.NET) C++/C# provides direct control of the FTP protocol from any 32-bit or 64-bit (x64) Windows application program. Upload, download, delete, list, and append files. Supports wildcards. Supports many proxy servers, multiple concurrent FTP sessions and passive mode. Create and delete server directories. Works with C++, C#.NET, Visual Studio, MFC and C++ Builder, Digital Mars, MinGW, Watcom. Win32/Win64

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MarshallSoft GPS Component for eVC 1.2: GPS client library component for eVC programmers
MarshallSoft GPS Component for eVC 1.2

MarshallSoft GPS Component (MGC) are: (1) Uses the Win/CE Win32 API for serial port input. No special Windows driver is required. (2) Runs as a background thread unattended. (3) The most current GPS data is always available on demand. (4) Support functions (such as mgcGreatCircle) are included. (5) Can be called from any application program capable of calling the Win/CE Win32 API. (6) Most commonly used NMEA sentence types are automatically decoded

winsock, component, wince, library, control

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